Sea Swift Graphic 2-Piece Paddle [Closeout]

Sea Swift Graphic 2-Piece Paddle [Closeout]

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The Sea Swift is a full-sized aggressive blade design that retains the versatility of conventional blades for bracing, sculling and rolling while offering sufficient power to be useful in the racing world. It is ideal as a big-water paddle in surf and rough conditions for the more athletic paddler. It is also a favorite with recreational open water racers who want the broader range of performance not provided by wing-style paddles.

Eddyline paddles feature carbon shafts for added strength and stiffness. We only use straight shafts, which provide maximum versatility for all paddling conditions and styles. The grip range has a slight oval shape for comfort and indexing.

Our standard ferrule option is the classic, three-hole push-button with 45ºL-0º-45ºR feathering. This simple ferrule is time tested and expedition proven. It is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Blade Dimensions: 18 x 7.25 
Surface Area: 110 sq. in.